Nick Westoll is an online digital broadcast journalist (producing features and covering breaking news) with Global News Toronto.

Nick graduated from Humber College’s journalism advanced diploma program in 2016.

He recently served as a general assignment reporter at the Toronto Sun and staff reporter at The Toronto Star.

Nick also freelanced with AM640 and volunteered as a production crew member at Rogers TV Toronto.

From 2003 to 2013, Nick worked for the City of Hamilton in different positions before becoming an executive assistant in the councillors’ offices. It was here that he gained an extensive knowledge of municipal government, worked to resolve resident concerns and further developed his passion for news/current affairs.

Although he was born in North Bay, Ontario, Nick was raised in Hamilton and lived there for 25 years. Nick currently lives in the Etobicoke community of Toronto. During his time off Nick enjoys exploring Toronto and Ontario, and often with his camera in hand.


My name is Nick Westoll and I live in the south Etobicoke area of Toronto, Ont.  In 2013, I made one of the biggest choices in my entire life — to move to Toronto and attend Humber College’s Journalism – Print and Broadcast program.

I was born in North Bay, but I was raised in Hamilton.  I lived in all parts of Hamilton.  As of August, 2013 I became a Torontonian.  I  visited this great city several times prior to moving here. But as a resident, I continue to explore my new community from a bit of a different perspective.  Aside from my biggest passions in life, news, current affairs and politics, I love traveling (everything from visiting a different neighbourhood in town to regional road trips to visiting afar), photography (landscapes are my favourite subjects to shoot), dining out and catching the odd movie. While at home my down-time usually consists of multitasking on my laptop and watching the following stations on TV: CP24, CBC Television (Toronto), CBC News Network, CTV Toronto, CTV News Channel, CHCH-TV, HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network or History Channel.

While I was in high school I developed a keen interest in politics and government. In Grade 11 I was blessed with the amazing internship opportunity of working in the elections office at the City of Hamilton. Ever since that opportunity, my interest intensified and after working my way up I assumed a full time position where I worked as an Executive Assistant in the wards 3 and 8 councillors’ offices. It definitely was an interesting job, and anything but routine. I was fortunate to work with many neighbourhood, community leaders, groups, elected officials, government staff and business owners. After serving for almost 10 years I decided to pursue my long-standing passion — news!

My love affair with news and current affairs started at Ridgemount Elementary School in Hamilton. My Grade 5 teacher Mrs. Dick assigned nightly homework that consisted of reading The Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton’s daily newspaper). I remember being intrigued with reading about the events of the day. The CBC’s Royal Canadian Air Farce was a positive influence on me at the young age of 12. Their impeccable humour prompted me to research the subjects of their attention so that I had a better understanding of the skits. John Morgan, Roger Abbott, Luba Goy and Don Ferguson were masters of current affairs satire! At the age of 13 I could not consume news stories fast enough – be it through reading or watching news. What made me consider Journalism as a career? Well, I think it was after seeing the movie The Insider with Al Pacino, Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer. The Insider is based on the true story of Jeffrey Wigand (played by Russell Crowe) who was a former tobacco executive that provided damning information about the tobacco industry in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes. The movie also focused on 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman (played by Al Pacino). The movie was extremely well written and it really spoke to journalistic integrity, which the portrayal of Bergman in this film really emphasized, as well as corporate media and the legal implications of it. Of course the movie is not a completely true account of what really happened, but it inspired me.

Fast-forward to today and my passion for news and current affairs has only deepened thanks to the availability of editorial content. The nature of news is changing, especially over the past few years with an increasing emphasis on social media as  news-gathering and content distribution tools. More and more, people are turning to news online. People seem to be getting their news through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For anyone who knows me, I am a Twitter addict. If you were to ask me where I get most of my news, I would have to say a major portion of the information I receive comes from Twitter. It is the first site I read in the morning and the last site I read at night. I have met a lot of fascinating people on there and enjoy meeting and converse with fellow users. It breaks down a lot of barriers and allows for interaction with community members, notable individuals, news personalities etc.

In early 2013, it hit me quite profoundly that I should pursue my love of journalism. After consulting with a few people, I selected Humber College as my number one choice based on the positive feedback I gathered at the time. I received my acceptance in May, 2013 and I will never forget the day I got my notification. That message alone brought a true sense of excitement back into my life. I started the first semester of my three year program in September of that year.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will continue reading!

– Nick

Final notes: Views expressed on this website are mine alone.  Unless otherwise noted, all material posted is owned and produced by myself. Updated: August, 2016.


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